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Northern States Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Grand Rapids. Learn more about Northern States Basement Systems's recent work requests in Grand Rapids and nearby areas!

Learn more about Northern States Basement Systems' recent work requests in Grand Rapids, MN
Vicinity of Sw in Grand Rapids
Replace/upgrade basement windows and add egress. Block basement.
Vicinity of in Grand Rapids
We just bought an older home (approx. 1300 sq. ft.) that has two issues: the home has a leaky basement (approx. 800 sq. ft.) that we would like to eventually finish. The basement is very smelly and moist. Our inspector told us to get seamless gutters, which we did. The home has two additions to the original design, and crawlspaces were added adjacent to the standard basement where the additions were built. The floor of the house is heaving upward along the line between the original basement and where one crawlspace was added, and that needs to be addressed, too. We would like a quote for the cost to do the entire project, and also a broken-down quote to see if we can get the work done in stages (as we can afford to get it done).
Vicinity of in Grand Rapids
Want information on system. I have a crawl space that has some moisture drawing into the wood on the second floor.
Vicinity of Strader Dr in Grand Rapids
Wet walls on corners and some pooling after a heavy rain. Basement does not have a musty smell as this only happens on heavy storms.
Vicinity of Peterson Rd in Grand Rapids
Our basement floods during heavy rain fall- some comes from a crack in the wall where shifting occurred due to no core fill-- have since core filled and still have seepage- seems some may be coming at ground level of basement as well. Not sure where to start.
Vicinity of in Grand Rapids
We have been in the house 2 yrs, and we told there had been no issues with water in the past 30yrs. We have a sump pump, a large overhang and gutters. The front of our house stays dry, but with the last storm we had allot of water on the back side of the house... we had to tear up out tiles, and some walls. We want to know what some options would be
Vicinity of in Grand Rapids
I have leaking in my basement around the perimeter and also up though cracks in basement floor. I have a walk out basement
Vicinity of in Grand Rapids
I know this past week has been very wet, but I have had water issues in my basement for the past 4 years that I have owned my home, it bubbles up between the wall and floor in one room and in another room there is a hole drilled in the floor that the water comes up through and floods the basement. I usually only have problems in the spring but this year has been consistant with all the rain we have had, my sump pump is running constantly. Im sure that you are very busy right now, but I would appreciate a call when you have time so that we can set up a time to look at this. Sincerely, Patti
Vicinity of Pokegama Ave S in Grand Rapids
I have a crawl space that is damp and beginning to mold. There is a floor access and a 6ft x 8ft x 5ft high cement block room in middle of house where the furnace sits.
Vicinity of Pokegema Ave. S in Grand Rapids
Musty oder and venting in crawl space

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